We prefer Firnezia to be a nice place for everyone. To accomplish this we have a few players that help us keeping the server fun for everyone.
These players can be identified by a special prefix in front of their name when they use the chat.

Those prefixes are:
[J]= Jailer, [M]= Moderator, [S]=Support and [O]= Owner.

If a player does not have one of those prefixes the player is not a member of the staff.
Requests of the staff members are final and must be followed to ensure the continuity of Firnezia. If you believe a staff member has made a wrong decision please fill in a contact form.

-Players that do not have the prefixes are not Firnezia staff and should be reported to the actual staff.
-Tags are a cosmetic thing. Tags do not give players authority over others. Tags do not equal any staff rank.
-Never will personal of other websites/organisations/etc. be given more rights than others nor will they have rights over other players.
-None of the staff members is capable of, nor allowed to give you items, perks or ranks.
-We do not require more staff at this moment. The best way to become a staff member is by playing on the server. When in need of new staff we will first look into our player base and ask the suited players if they’re interested in a staff member position.

If you are a member of our staff and need to know the commands that you can use, click here. (This page is only visible for staff.)