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    Sometimes players make remarks on how some things are handled in the server, and sometimes, we listen to them.
    And that is why we made some small and bigger changed over the last 2 or 3 weeks in Firnezia which you might have noticed. For those that did not, here is listed what changed.

    Claim blocks now costs only 2K instead of 10K for 100 claim blocks.
    We heard you and after some math we agreed: 10K was a bit much for the amount of claim blocks you get. We lowered the price significantly to make them more affordable.
    Claim blocks are, as always, available at the village chiefs (chief Ivy at spawn).
    Make sure you protect your base since it is the only way to guarantee that your items and builds are safe!
    Please keep in mind, if you claim a very large area and you don’t use it and you are not regularly online an admin might decrease the size of your claim. The removed claim blocks will be returned to you to claim a bigger area at a later time.

    Updated vote plugin
    Since we are in Minecraft 1.12 we have a new vote plugin.
    What changes for you? Nothing, nothing at all. You can as always go to Firnezia.net/vote and vote for Firnezia on the listed server-listing-websites.
    Using this new plugin you can now use the command “/vote” in the server and a GUI will pop-up from where you will be able to easily go to the different websites.
    And as always, as a reward for voting for us, you get $200 in game money for each vote and a $500 bonus if you vote for all of them on the same day!

    More homes!
    This is something players were even willing to pay for, but that’s not how we roll. We have seen a lot of players working together on each others basis and we think that’s a good thing (long live friendship and cooperative gameplay) so we decided to up the homes with 2 more. This means you can now ‘set’ up to 6 homes!

    Claims are non-PVP in PVP zones.
    This is more a fix than a new feature. From the beginning claims were supposed to be safe havens for the players, also in PVP zones.
    The server knows one massive PVP zone (its basically 1 fourth of the server) where players van do whatever they want and PVP.
    The problem of being able to get killed on your claim in a PVP zones has been fixed. Everywhere in the PVP zone is PVP as always except for the claims in this zone.

    We would like to make a not of the increase of AFK farms we are seeing. AFK’ing is still allowed and you won’t be kicked (afk machines will kick you because of them generating extra lag) but we might kick you when we want to reboot the server for updating plugins and options. We will not reboot the server unannounced and without agreement when active players are online.

    Do you want to see something else added or changed? We will not gurantee the change but let us know in the forum and we will see what we can do.

    Enjoy the game and I will see you again in Firnezia.

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