Firnezia to the kingdom of Firnezia.

Firnezia is a fast growing kingdom in the world of Minecraft.

In the Firnezia server all players have the choice to start a number exciting adventures.
Build your own base, accept quests from the native firnezians, raid dungeons, join a clan, establish a town or fight other players in an arena or massive PVP zone.

With the wide range of options within the Firnezia server there is something for everyone! In Firnezia you have the ability to become skillful in extra skills like sword fighting (Mcmmo) or become a powerful mage (magespells).

The Firnezia servers are open and for everyone to join (ip: Firnezia is Minecraft extended with some awesome plugins to give you (the player) more options and give the server a RPG style to fit with the great kingdom that Firnezia is. You can check out our wiki to learn more about the plugins and options that the Minecraft server offers.

Firnezia exists not only of a Minecraft server but also a website and more!
On our website ( you can find the latest news about what is happening in Firnezia, the Minecraft server and services around it alike.
Additional to just news there are is a forum available for players to join together, meet up, share interests and discuss items to your liking. you ip:, a website and other related services.
As mentioned before we also have a very own wikipedia which we are always trying to expand with up-to-date information and everything you need to know.
You want to talk with other players while messing around around Firnezia? you are always welcome to join our Discord (click here to join our Discord server).

While there are many ways to achieve greater heights in Firnezia we are always looking into new ways to create an even better experience for you as a visitor or resident of Firnezia. Want to help us with that? Feel free to discuss options in the forums!

Are you going to be the next great adventurer of Firnezia? Join today!