Change Log

In the Change log you will read all of the updates and fixes that you should know of*.
Update 19-01-2018

  • Added a Discord plugin to Firnezia. Now users are able to talk back and forward trough a discord channel with the server. Special permissions are needed to be able to talk in discord.

  • Update 16-01-2018

  • Added conversations to existing npc’s that open their shops. (Basic back-end setup for easy quest creation)

  • Update 10-01-2018

  • Increased the max amount claim blocks gained from playing to 5000 (2000 before).

  • Update 28-11-2017

  • Fixed a bug where players did not receive MCMMO xp for herbalism.

  • Update 26-11-2017

  • Moved the Firnezia Minecraft world to a new server with more ram. (connect with ip:
  • Edited all voting sites so the voting will work on the new IP

  • Update 19-11-2017

  • Fixed the voting plugin so that all players get the site reward and the ‘allsites’ reward when voting on the last plugin.

  • Update 15-11-2017

  • Added Statscraft again to get information about players activity on the Firnezia server.
  • Fixed a bug in the chat configuration, broke it even more and fixed it again, this time the proper way.

  • Update 18-10-2017

  • Changed the permissions plugin which creates more options for the future.
  • Updated various plugins with the new settings required for the new permissions plugin.

  • *This list is not started from the beginning of the Firnezia Minecraft server. Smaller fixes and updates might not be listed in a update but shall be listed in the change log.
    This page will also not contain updates that say “plugin x updated from version 1.3 to 1.3.2”. These updates will take place without you noticing it.