Tiny updates #2

Hey everyone,

I had to take a little bit of time off from Firnezia to finish some other things. But now that is done it is back to creating more things for Firnezia again! WHOOP!
Even I have been silent with the updates on Firnezia.net I did change some things. As a regular player you have found those changes already of course.
But for those that have not found them here are some small changes I made:

-The permission plugin has been changed from PermissionsEX to LuckPerms.
Well, you shouldn’t have noticed anything about this anyway. This plugin was updated because LuckPerms is a better updated plugin with many more options.
The options that it offers will help us create different kind of things for you, the player. I can’t really tell what those ‘things’ are since those have not been created yet, but the ideas are there!

-You might have noticed that the amount of animals that spawn have increased. More steak, YAY!
The amount of animals that spawn is a long term test and has to do with the way custom mobs spawn with the MythicMobs plugin.
While there are only a few custom mobs active in Firnezia, I’m working hard on many more, it just takes time to have it all balanced out and to create, for example, quests around them.

-More claim blocks!
When a player joins the server it was able to collect up to 2k of claim blocks by playing on the server.
This amount of 2k has now been increased to 5K! All players that already reached the 2k will start collecting claim blocks again until they reach the 5k extra claim blocks as well.

-Npc conversations to open shops.
Npc shops can now be opened with conversations. Right click on the npc and ask him about his shop and he will show you his goods.
The signs are still there, for now, the conversations have been added as a basis to work with when adding quests.

-A new website design… again…
Yea I know, I’ve changed it a few times but it was just not what It should be. So this site look a bit better than the last in our opinion and we will see how it will turn out.
Because of the change some images might be weird, out of focus or completely missing the frame… yay, change..
The post thumbnails won’t be updated, the old ones will soon be out sight anyway’s. In time we will change ‘weird’ images to show something more correct.

-A new ticket system on Firnezia.net.
The ticket system has been renewed to work better for both sides of the ticket.

For the next changes we might need your help.
To create more diversity in the landscape of Firnezia and to create an even more awesome landscape to roam around we are mainly looking for builders.
The builds we need can range from a custom tree to an igloo or anything what you can think of. Interested in helping us out? Let me know and we can discuss what can be done.
Want to help in another way? let me know and we can see what we can work out.

See ya all again in-game!


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