The great Nether hub

It kinda slipped through when I was not really updating with news (whoeps) but we have an awesome nether hub!!

Of course, everyone can build one. But to be sure we have one where all players are equal and allowed in Bwenville has its own Nether hub.

When you continue outwards of Bwenville over the path between Mari’s foodshop and the toolshop you find a path on your right just behind the farm (the portal is behind the farm)) that leeds you to a great cave with the portal to the hub.

Want your place connected to the hub? In the hub, on the side of the portal you will find instructions on how to get connected. We advice to lay your path just above bedrock. You will find that you will go underneath most lava lakes, your tunnel will not be destroyed by ghasts and not as fast by other players (you can’t protect ground in the Nether)

The goals is to have multiple of those great hubs around Firnezia when the time is right.

For now, enjoy the epicness of this build and keep on gaming.






Great thanks to Toeballjack for designing most of this build!

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