Off with his head!

Taking out mobs is now even more rewarding.
When you battle mobs, evil or friendly they will now drop heads!

Well… there is a change at least.
We have installed a plugin that makes it possible for you to obtain the head of a mob once you killed it.
The heads don’t have a 100% drop rate, so you might have to kill a few to get the head you want.

The mobs that have a change of dropping a head are:
Creeper, Rabbit, Iron Golem, Skeleton, Witch, Mule, Zombie, Husk, Elder Guardian, Slime, Pig, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Pigman, Enderman, Ghast and the Spider.

This feature was added after a player asked us to because of the needs for head to make certain banners.
Do you have a feature that you would like to see added to the server? Let us know in this forum thread.