Time to Battle!

Get your gear it’s time to battle in Firnezia!

It’s not that PvP was not possible before but we have it done sort of an upgrade.
First we removed the smaller PvP area’s in the non PvP zone. Don’t worry the quarter of the world that had PvP enabled still has it.

Instead of the PvP area’s random in the world we now have proper arenas with actual gamemodes!
Firnezia Arena
With the use of a plugin we are able to create regions that are set to be an arena. Each arena is able to have a different gamemode.
The gamemodes vary from one on one PvP, Capture the flag, Team Death Match and many others.

At this moment we have one of those arenas set up. This arena is a Team Death Match arena, the first team to get 10 kills will win. Each team needs to have atleast one player, meaning that is also able to function as a one on one match.

So how do you join an arena.

When you want to join an arena you need
to be in the same region as the arena is standing. How do you get to that region? 1. You walk there or 2. You use a teleport portal.

When you are standing in the correct region you will have to join by typing ‘/pa fire&icetdm1 red’ or ‘/PA fireandicetdm1 bleu’. In this command ‘fireandicetdm1’ is the arena name and the Colour is the team you chose to be in.

On joining your inventory will be saved and be emptied and be able to chose a class as which you want to play. When you leave the arena with the command ‘/pa fireandicetdm1 leave’ you will get your items back in your inventory.

When both teams are ready the match will start. Please read the instructions that will appear in your chat when joining.

Want to spectate? That’s possible in 2 ways. 1. You walk to the arena and start spectating from there. Or 2. You have to be in the same region as the arena and type ‘/pa fireandicetdm1 spectate’. For spectaters that join trough the command: also use the ‘/pa fireandicetdm1 leave’ to return to your normal gamemode.

Please note: this is an example on how to join this particular arena. Other arenas will have different names and might have different commands depending on the gamemode it gives. Please check out wiki here to see where arenas are available in Firnezia and how to use them.

That’s enough talking draw your sword and let’s fight!Firnezia Arena Fields


Thanks to xKaggy for making the battle field.

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