Website Upgrade

Whoot, we got a new website, yes I know, again….

Anyway, as you have most likely seen the website is now a bit more light instead of the dark theme we used before, because we wanted to be a more uplifted theme instead of the a bit more down darker theme.

Next up, the homepage. We are going to try to have more things to do, see and find in the server and on the website. So we made two news streams on the home page, one only with updates and happenings on the server and one with updates for the website.
You can see it already happening since this post is only in one of the columns. Just keep an eye on both news segments if you don’t want to miss anything.

Biggest change: The forums are back.
We had some issues and had it removed but everything is fixed now, restored and upgraded.
All news updates are now directly posted in a topic on which all the comments will be placed as well, so one place for all your comments.

Next to all the news multiple fora and topics have already been created for you to start posting in.
Some topics ask for your input for Firnezia, like server plugins or new options. Others let you discuss all kind of things with the other Firnezian’s.

That is some of the updates for now. We will keep updating the website and server the best as we can to get you the most joy out of it.

Till next update… keep gaming