New server & more options

A new year asks for something new, this year: a new server.
Yes we got a new server but to clarify we do not have an extra server with another gamemode of that sort, we are at this moment to small to to do that, but we have a new server on which Firnezia runs! We upgraded the server from one with an HDD to one with an SSD.
This will improve world rendering and help some plugins write their data faster. The result for you as a player: a smoother gameplay.

Next to moving from an HDD to SSD we are also updating some plugins.
For now just a few small options, but we are working on more.

You might have seen it on our twitter already but you can now be afk for unlimited amount of time.
The automated kick after an x amount of minutes has been removed, you will still be kicked if the server notices an afk machine.
This is to prevent machines that create lag for no reason. And yes we know that you can now just stand next to your lag creating machine but as long as it does not affect the server and gameplay of others we are fine with it. So no promises for the future, but for now afk all you will.

Next thing we changed is the ‘homes’ you can have.
You were able to have one home, now you can have four!!

By using the command “/sethome <home name>” you create a new home with that name.
Going to a certain home is done by typing: “/home <home name>”.
Want to replace a home? Type “/sethome <home name that you want to relocate>” .
Want to replace a home with one that has another name? Type: “/delhome <home name that you want to delete from your list>” and use the /sethome command to place a new point for your new home.

Please note, the home command is not available in the end. We are at this moment not sure what we want to do with the end with an eye on resetting it regularly or not, just to be safe we don’t let players have homes and claims in this dimension.